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bongo808 sonic agency

music and video livestream

From the desire to use social networks to disseminate a finished artistic object rather than promoting it, I imagined this project by focusing on the essential things. Percussion, electronic instruments, and videos played, created, and generated live. At a time governed by time-consuming and meaningless image, entertainement and commercials empties of essence. The image is here are window that leads to sound experience.

Eight episodes will be streamed live on Twitch, Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube in May and June 2024. ​ ​

"Sonic Agency" refers to Brandon Labelle's book

You can support this project via Proarti.

Live recording made at Arches Citoyennes, Paris, march 2024

Video programming by Federico Foderaro on an original idea bAOKI Takamasa


L’Adami gère et fait progresser les droits des artistes-interprètes en France et dans le monde. Elle les soutient également financièrement pour leurs projets de création et de diffusion.

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